Sewn by
true artisans

We are small by choice. We strive to combine the highest quality craftsmanship with fair wages and decent working conditions. That’s why we decided to sew our clothes only on demand. Each of our clothes goes through the hands of excellent seamstresses and is created in their workshops in Łódź – the polish city famous for its textile tradition.

By women
and for women

This is how our company works. Thanks to this approach,  designs come from our own everyday experiences. We have a deep understanding of female reality. We are familiar with the multitude of roles and emotions that accompany each of us every day.

Our designs reflect hundreds of hours of observing what, how and when we wear. We know what to pay attention to. We know what increases the comfort of wearing, and what should be avoided so that it does not lead to madness. As a result, our clothes give you a sense of harmony and confidence in any situation, and they perfectly match both high heels and your favorite sneakers.

Clothes for years

To us, it is obvious that when buying a dream dress we want to enjoy it longer, not just one season. That is why the clothes we offer are made of fabrics with the highest possible content of natural fibers (viscose and cotton), which we buy from reliable Polish producers. All of them, of course, have the Oeko-tex quality certificate, which guarantees their durability and environmental friendliness.

We pay special attention to the finishing methods of our clothes: we make sure that the seams are adequately durable, and the tapes and tabs are in the right places, ensuring that the clothes will maintain their original cut for years.

Fashion goes by, yet our clothes
are timeless and will stay with you
more than one season.

— BASIA LEHWARK, founder of By Your Side