One dress,
four length types,
ten colour variants,
infinite ways to style it!



By Your Side dresses are gowns also called Infinity of Multiway dress. They are a combination of two long straps of fabric and an ample skirt they are attached to. Those two longi pieces of fabric allow you to style the upper part of the dress in any way you like. That makes for an infinite number of gowns you can arrange our of one dress!

A By Your Side dress id a perfect dress for any occasion: a wedding party, a bridal shower, prom or any other party where you wan to feel special and one of a kind.
One dress offering you limitless possibilities! And all that produced locally in Poland, based on the highest quality , 96% viscose.


We are more than happy, to prepare personalised orders for our customers.

We will be delighted to find a perfect colour of fabric for your bridesmaid dresses or to prepare a unique set of dresses, according to your needs.

Contact us and we will make everything in our power to make you happy on this special day.

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